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Blessed to have a cat

The Doctor came in and check him out nose to tail end. The first thing they did was check his temperature. OH MY The look on that cats face as he stared at me like,"DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING TO MY BUTT?" LOL I am sorry I laughed. But I didn't laugh when they had to clean his ears. He had ear mites bad and it was probably because when he was found he was an abandoned kitten in a parking lot. I felt bad that his ears were so yucky. I never noticed them before but the doctor assured me it happens a lot and not to feel to bad. I was glad she didn't look at me like a neglectful owner. The vet used like 20 Qtips with ear cleaner, removed black gunk with each swab. EW! They gave me some ear medicine to treat him at home. She also then gave him worm medicine and his shots, that after the ear cleaning seemed fine to him. He was so upsetand he cried to get back in his carrier. He curled up and didn't say a peep the whole ride home.

I was afraid he would be so angry with me. A week earlier I had given him a bath and it didn't sit well with him. He avoided me all day. But today when we got back to our house he was so glad to be home. I fed him a bite of beef from last nights supper and then he purred and purred while letting me snuggle him.

Poor kitty is going back in 3 weeks to get fixed. I couldn't believe we have to pay extra for pain management for that operation. I was confused. IS it not protocol to have pain management after a surgery for animals? I guess not. Well we ordered it. Now I feel bad for my other cats I had before this one years ago. I don't think we paid for that when they got fixed since they never asked.

Hubby and I went shopping after dropping him off at home. When I came back, he was all over me and sat on my chest nuzzling my nose. Cutie!

WOW I am becoming such an animal lover! HA!

Another really sad thing is while were at the pet hospital, a seizing dog came in with its distraught owners. They were rushed back to a room and then the couple came out in tears with no dog. They left in quite a hurry too. I felt like crying for them. These pet are like family members. I never understood it like I do now. There is so much love, care, and energy that goes into a pet but boy is it well worth it.

Memow makes me so happy and less lonely. First to greet me in the morning and last at night, that little ball of fur adopted me more than I it. I never have willingly chosen a cat before they always just come to me unannounced and unplanned. Why I feel God sends them right when I need them. :) Blessed to have a cat as my owner.