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It's done..

.now lets move forward. Working together is a thing that makes our country great!

I am thankful for what we have, each other and for the diversity which is our nations people. We can learn so much from each other.

The Boo-Hooing and evil posts I have read get me sad. To read that people lose hope in America when their person doesn't get elected is testament to their faith in God. Do you have faith or not, that God is in control <a xhref="" style="color:#454545; text-decoration:none; ">LED Color Temperature</a>?

I read some UGLY posts! Racist and culturally insensitive rants and about those who voted for our now president being idiots, arrogant and stupid. WOW you can't win as a minority. If you're smart and educated you are uppity and elitist and if you are less than well educated and poor, you're a an ignorant person who doesn't deserve a vote. (Though they don't say "Person <a xhref="" style="color:#454545; text-decoration:none; ">modular cubes storage system</a>.")

I think if you call it out like that, that is truly what you are, an Uppity, ignorant, and poor in spirit loser. And if that is you, I am praying or you today.

Bible verses being thrown and taunts. WOW I am ashamed all over again to call myself Christian <a xhref="" style="color:#454545; text-decoration:none; ">fashion tips</a>