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just thinking about that


Here he is with his pump and supplies getting ready to change his cannula site. It hurts him but it is only every 3 days verses getting shots everyday. I costs us a lot every month but he is worth that and more.


He told me the other day he wished a punch to his gut would make his pancreas work. He said he would take a big punch everyday so he wouldn't have to worry about his Blood sugars all day. I sighed just thinking about that fashion tips.

Aaron has to test his Blood sugar(glucose) before every meal, before exercise, when he gets up in the morning, goes to bed at night, and anywhere in between if he feels low. Lows are when he gets too much insulin which happens. It can be dangerous to have a high blood glucose (BG) or a low BG. Both can result in his loss of mental  capability why he cannot be alone. This has made overnight visits and play dates without me hard to do unless a host totally understands. He also has to count every carbohydrate he eats and he hates it. Sometimes his blood sugars are too high to eat right away and he has to wait a half hour even though everyone else can eat. I usually wait with him in solidarity. Basically TYPE 1 Stinks modular cubes storage system!

If you have type 2 or 1 there is no cure, just tight management. Type one and type two are not related diseases LED Color Temperature.