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I had to unfriend someone today on Facebook because it was beyond being sane to what they were saying. They claim that the USA is based on the occult and every president is of the devil. WOO I know how to find them huh? Actually it was a friend of my sisters FMM and I had meet her at a Powwow. She claims to be of Native American Indian Heritage but looks far from it. I don't doubt that maybe WAaaaaaaYYYYYYY back she had some Great Great Great grandparent who was but it is far from being close to what being A true Native American Indian today, NADAfurniture storage!

I am always suspicious of those claims but most Americans have a drop in the bucket some where in their family history's blood line of Native blood. Yet being A Real Native American Indian means you have a connection to the family who is Native, your tribal affiliation and Papers from the Government. She did not. I really wonder why people claim being a "real" Native American Indian when they have no proof. The USA has been really strict about that since if someone claims it, they have to prove it due to college and tribal moneys company registration Hong Kong.

I have my papers. LOL I am a pedigree! HAH! Just kidding about the pedigree thing but I am registered as Half. yeah they count blood quantim and my kids are the last of the line to claim status unless they marry another Native Cable manufacturer.

Anywho back on subject... she went on to post a picture showing presidents as satanist in a ritual stabbing a huge globe with the aim being the USA. She bases it on her christian faith and being native. UM HUH? Yeah that the Untied States is a huge cult because they killed American Indian tribes and made slaves of Africans 亞洲知識管理學院.