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One of the first things anyone says when they hear that I don’t have a boyfriend and have been single for three and a half years is that I need to lower my expectations (because apparently they are so outrageously high that no one can meet them). I was thinking about this exact statement after my mom used it, and decided to put this to my readers. Here is a list of my expectations:

1. Must be at least mildly attractive

2. Must have a degree or is working toward one

3. Must have a good job or is working toward one and/or has a direction in life (see above)

4. Doesn’t smoke or do drugs

5. Drinks at most occasionally and does so responsibly

This is, of course, in addition to things that actually make a relationship work. I’d also like to have similar interests and the time spent together to be enjoyable, but I think everyone wants those things.

Are my expectations too high? If so, how should I lower them? What are your expectations for a significant other?