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sound crazy at times

That again is a question that is not that easy to answer. But one may do well to realize is that delegation of faults to others is a basic human quality. They say that Trader’s International charts and tips are not live and in sync with the market and that people have incurred losses because of this problem.


Well, one thought is that if a company is indeed that faulty when it comes to something as basic as a feed on the markets then how have they survived a decade? It may well be a situation of, “We lost the game so it’s the referee’s fault”.

Further claims say that these people don’t provide tips but try to provide charts that are complicated to read and cause enough chaos for anyone to make a mistake. A thought that crosses the mind here is that, don’t they teach you how to read charts on the market in the courses and don’t they have a support staff waiting to answer any queries? The next excuse is that they are not reachable. So what’s next? The phone lines were busy so it’s the telephone companies fault?

Some accusations are hilarious if they weren’t so sad in the first place. They best we can do is just take a look for ourselves, after all some of the reviews sound crazy at times.

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