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Today is my hubbies birthday

Today is my hubbies birthday. It is also my youngest nephew Nathan's birthday too.

I am making a nice steak dinner and brownies for hubbies day.  I am so glad he was born to marry me. :)

He is my very best friend.

Here he is with his mom last May.

Also my nephew toughest phone case...

He is 4 today.

I miss him so much but I got to talk to him on the phone. Nate is so funny, his momma said he was dancing the whole time I talked to him. :)

I have been dreaming about the whole family every time I nap.It seems so real so that I wake up and remember they are gone I get sad all over again.

I cannot wait to go see them again soon. It might not be until next spring though.

It is nice to have just my family tonight for a sit down dinner but it is also kind of lonely waterproof phone case.